Fantastic D-O-L-L Cakes

Dollcakes with Cream Cheese Icing – $24 / dozen (12)

Red Velvet

Specialty Dollcakes – $48 / dozen (12)

German Chocolate Fiend
chocolate dollcake topped with coconut-pecan custard
Birthday B*
vanilla dollcake topped with toffee crumbles and drizzled fudge
Dirty Velvet
red velvet dollcake topped with Oreo crumbles
Summer Daze
strawberry and lemon dollcake topped with strawberry pureé-infused cream cheese icing
City Girl Rah’s Chicken & Waffle
maple butter dollcake topped with a fried chicken bite, a mini waffle, and drizzled maple syrup

Themed Dollcakes – $80 / 2 dozen minimum (24); $20 for every additional dozen

Create your own themed Dollcakes – the perfect present for baby/bridal showers, birthdays, prom, and graduations! At time of order, specify what kinds of decorative details you would like. Surcharges will be added depending on the cost of adding specialty items, to finalized at time of order confirmation.

Mermaid Themed Dollcakes (Vanilla & Red Velvet)


Pearl’s Pound Cake

Half Loaf: $20; Full Loaf: $30
Half Loaf: $25; Full Loaf: $35

Two-Layer Cake

Regular $45
Chocolate & Vanilla with Chocolate Icing
Flavored $55
Red Velvet
German Chocolate
Carrot Cake
Specialty $60
Donnie Bee’s Pineapple-Coconut Cake
butter cake layered and covered with pineapple chunks and topped with coconut
Sista Sista Rum Cake
bundt rum cake with pecans, topped with a rum glaze and rum-infused cream cheese icing
* option of vanilla or chocolate rum cake
Strawberries on Top Cake
strawberry and cream cake topped with strawberry pureé-infused cream cheese icing
Chocolate Cake


Regular – $18/dozen
Flavored – $21/dozen +nuts – $23/dozen
Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter
The Mashup Cookie
Peanut Butter with Pecans, & Coconut – $24/dozen
Oatmeal with Nuts, Raisins, & Coconut – $26/dozen
Butter Cookies

Back It Up Brownies

Regular – $25/dozen
Turtle – $40/dozen
with walnuts & caramel
+ Powdered Sugar – Free!
dusted on top
Shake Sumn’ On Top Lemon Dollcakes

Strawberry Letter No. 89

chocolate-covered strawberries

Plain $30
Decorated $40
dipped in dyed chocolate and topped with edible decorations of your choice
Pink & Red Velvet Strawberry Letter No. 89

Shake Sumn’ On Top Infusions

liquor-infused dollcakes (+ a mini shot inserted in the pastry) or liquor-infused strawberry letter no. 89

2 dozen (24) order minimum add price below to cost of pastry order

Bottom-shelf Liquor – add $20
Bacardi, José Cuervo Silver, Hennessy
Top-shelf Liquor – add $40
Wray & Nephew, Don Julio Blanco, Remy Martin VSOP
Stella Rosa Wine – add $15
White, Red, or Rosé
Wine of your choice – add cost of 1 bottle
André Champagne – add $10
Moët & Chandon Champagne – add $70
Shake Sumn’ On Top Chocolate Dollcakes

Good Love Treats

a special mix of decorated strawberries and cupcakes nestled in a box of matching roses

Without wine – $35
With wine (Stella Rosa white, red, or rosé) – $55
With wine of your choice (1 bottle) – $35 + cost of wine